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Fundacion Faro di Lus - Centro Holistico Splendor

Provides services for: Family & relationships - Adults - Parents


Stichting Faro di Lus helps to raise awareness and to heal the human being based on holistic and psychological and spiritual principles by means of private personal sessions, which include conversations and different types of therapy. Furthermore, group lectures are given and group meditation sessions are organized, combined with discussions about different topics/themes.

The foundation was established in 2002 by the two Croes sisters and one other person, to make the human being aware of making changes to improve his or her life.
It is a small foundation, and its board consists of 3 persons. The income of the foundation consists of donations received, grants, gifts, legacies, inheritances and other income. The foundation also works under the name Centro Holistico Splendor, especially for private personal sessions, with Ms. Guisela-Croes, Ph.D., holistic life coach, psychological and spiritual counselor.

Purpose of the organization

Our objective is to help people manage, understand, improve, to find a solution for the situation and problems they are facing, so that they can live a more peaceful, happy, healthy, abundant and joyful life.


Private personal sessions consisting of conversations and different types of therapy. Therapy is offered based on the method of looking at and understanding the connection between mind, emotions, soul, body and life. We offer the person energy healing. We also give group lectures, and we organize group meditation sessions, combined with discussions about different topics/themes regarding the connection between mind, emotions, soul, body and life.

Opening hours

Adapted hours, please call after 08:00 a.m.

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Bubali 6, Noord/Tanki Leendert

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Mrs Guisela Croes, Bestuurslid



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Please call after 08:00 a.m. to make an appointment