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Social support & housing

Fundacion pa Hende Muhe den Dificultad

Provides services for: Children - Youngsters - Elderly - Family & relationships - Adults


FHMD provides support and guidance to victims of Domestic Violence and helps spread awareness with the goal of ending Domestic Violence on the island. In so doing we make use of all methods at our disposition including advocacy. We also empower women in order to make them less vulnerable to accept Domestic Violence as the norm.

Purpose of the organization

To fight for the rights of women, to end Domestic Violence especially that against women.


We offer guidance after encountering Domestic Violence as well as after they leave our shelter. We offer temporary housing in times of crisis, we offer psychological as well as legal help when needed. We give counseling and lectures to ambulatory clients as to schools when requested. We give wanted and unwanted advice on issues regarding Domestic Violence

Affiliated with

Global Network of Women in Shelters

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

Contact information organization




Primavera 1B, Oranjestad West/Oost

Contact person(s)

Mrs Magaly Maduro, Coordinator


Mrs Suzette Kock, President



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Application procedure
A new member has to be appointed by an existing member and approved by the board.

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