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Health & care

Stichting Kinderhuis Imeldahof

Provides services for: Children - Youngsters - Parents


The Children Home first opened its doors on November 25, 1954 with the effort of the Roman Catholic Sisters of Bethani and was managed by the Bethani Dutch Antilles Foundation. In 1976, the organization altered itself whereat Children Home Imeldahof Aruba (Stichting Kinderhuis Imeldahof Aruba) was founded as a private foundation, subsidized by the government. The subsidization concerns the salaries of the personnel and approximately Afl. 11,- per child on a daily bases to cover expenses. These expenses include provisions, attire, school material/fixed costs, activities, and all other expenses to manage the foundation. Furthermore, the organization is dependent on the community for financial and voluntary support in order to provide special activities or projects for the children.

Purpose of the organization

The objective of the children home is to offer a temporary home and guidance for children who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to remain in their own homes. In most cases this is until placement with their own family or relatives or a foster family can be found.

A few of the reasons are mental-, psychical and sexual abuse, neglect, alcohol or drug abuse by parents.


Children with specific emotional and behavior problems are guided by a specialist in deviant behavior (orthopedagoge). In addition, there is a general program constructed which provides group activities such as ballet-, music-, taekwondo lessons and, arts and crafts. Also, the children attend elementary and secondary education near Stichting Kinderhuis Imeldahof.

Affiliated with

Emotional and behavior are guided by a specialist in deviant behavior (Orthoperdagoge) In addition, there is general program constructed which provides group activities.

Opening hours

8.00-16.00 office hours.
The 4 groups 24/7

Contact information organization

+297 587-6085

+297 587-2403

Fax: +297 587-0577



Noord # 2, Noord/Tanki Leendert

Contact person(s)

Miss Natalia Hernandez, Director



Miss Denise Campbell, Coordinator



Additional Information

KVK number
S 28

Additional remarks
Future Plans: 1. In order to provide the best guidance possible, the pedagogic personnel are required to continuously increase their knowledge skills and attitude on a yearly base. 2. In addition, Cas Beatrix and Cas Margriet will attain a controlled multisensory envi-ronment (MSE) or a Snoezelen Room. These rooms are specially designed to deliver stimuli to various senses, using lighting effects, color, sounds, music, scents, and so forth. The purpose of this room is to stimulate a calming effect on the children who will be using this room at Stichting Kinderhuis Imeldahof Aruba.