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Active in these sectors:

Neighborhood development Social support & housing

Mision di Caridad Savaneta

Provides services for: Children - Elderly - Vulnerable groups - Adults - Parents


To provide support to less advantaged people, families, young people, adults and children.

Purpose of the organization

To teach people to take the initiative to stand on their own feet, to stimulate and encourage them to achieve their personal goals.


We receive and provide material and not financial support. We help people with their basic needs, clothing, shoes, furniture, etc.

Affiliated with

CEDE Aruba

Opening hours

By appointment

Contact information organization

+297 5935851

+297 5670333


Pastorie Savaneta, Savaneta

Contact person(s)

Mr Ronny Janga, Coordinator

+297 5935851 y 5849016


Mrs Beatriz Krozendijk, Coordinator

+297 5670333


Additional Information

Application procedure
We do not have members. For assistance, please contact a member of the organization or a pastor.

Contribution dues
Not applicable

Additional remarks
People who would like to contribute to our mission of charity are welcome.