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Sports & recreation Social support & housing

Pariba Boxing Club

Provides services for: Children - Youngsters


Boxing is more than a sport.

It develops discipline and character in athletes. Helps to mold energetic youths into becoming well adjust members of society.

Through boxing we prepare the athletes and future stars of boxing. The Aruban Champions of tomorrow.

Purpose of the organization

Positively impact our community, using boxing as our tool.


Boxing as an activity: Improve Health, weight loss, emotion and stress relief.

Boxing as a competitive sport: Compete to become the next Regional, Pan American and Olympic Champion.

Volunteer Jobs

Affiliated with

Member of Arubox and via Arubox affiliated to ASU and COA.

Opening hours

1800 - 2100
Mon - Fri

Contact information organization



Dr. Scheapman straat, San Nicolas Noord/Zuid

Contact person(s)

Mr Marco Dupersoy, Head Coach



Mr Aby Kock, Coach



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